The Einherjar

The Einherjar are heroic members of WA who have been granted titles for great deeds. Many have helped WA fight back from the brink of annihilation, while others have led it into new eras of peace and prosperity. These members will forever be remembered as the Einherjar; heroes of the Æsir.
  1. Lord Dane the Proud
    Lord Dane the Proud founded WA on June 1st, 2001. Serving alternately as Fleet Admiral or Emperor, Dane led the clan for more than ten years. Houses, Norse naming, WA's original naval-based ranking system, and all of the stories and songs that constitute the foundation of WA were created by Dane. It was Dane who made WA unique and eternal, establishing a roaring legacy for his clan.
  2. Sir Warrior, Royal Knight of the Bunker
    Warrior was a constant companion of Dane's who is credited with thinking up the name "Warriors of Æsir." Often serving as second-in-command, Warrior was known for his quick decision-making and harsh but generally right judgment. He was often at odds with Dane and other members of WA, culminating in his unceremonious departure from WA which nearly threw the clan into chaos.
  3. Heimdall Moscow Ruslandr the Triumphant
    Moscow was a key figure in WA for almost ten years, serving as WA's web site administrator and righting the ship upon Warrior's departure. He was often called upon to serve as a high-ranking official or a neutral arbitrator during disputes. Threats both within and without were quickly silenced by WA's very own Heimdall, ensuring its longevity for generations to come.
  4. Saint Sanctifico the Conqueror
    From humble beginnings rose Sanctifico, savior of Hope's Last Stand. When the clan was brought low by constant assaults from its foes, Sanctifico reigned terrible retribution upon enemy clans and established a legacy for himself as an unrivaled warrior and a loyal member. Songs of his triumphs continue to inspire WA members to this day.
  5. Saint Dippity-Dog the Scourge of Spies and the Great Recruiter
    A member of WA almost from its inception, Dippity helped found Hope's Last Stand. He helped lead the clan following the chaos wrought by the Ragnarok, a massive rebellion that nearly destroyed WA. He recruited two future Saints and forged the House of Dippity, named in his honor, almost single-handedly.
  6. Saint Loki the Savior
    One of Dippity's first recruits, Loki was lost in the Ragnarok. However, he later found Dane once again and was a key figure during the Second Fleet Era post-Ragnarok. His recruiting efforts ensured the line of Dippity would continue, and most members of House Dippity today are part of WA only thanks to Loki's efforts.
  1. Saint Rules the Hopeful
    After a harsh attack from an enemy clan, almost all of WA withdrew from StarCraft to focus on other games. Months later, a chance visit by Dane revealed that Rules had created a backup channel and continued to recruit, even without any support. Inspired, Dane vowed never to give up on WA again as long as once person still believed.
  2. Saint Blitzkrieg the Stalwart
    Blitzkrieg was a leading figure during the Second Fleet era. He founded the Teutonic Order, one of the most famous platoons to ever carry the WA banner into battle. He also created House Blitzkrieg, which was named after him. Descendants of Blitzkrieg continued to aid WA as late as the 2nd Empire era.
  3. Namine the Valkyrie of the Bullet
    Namine was a model member during the First Empire era, helping to lead its World of Warcraft division to further glory. She was also well-known for her marksmanship skills during her time in WA's Xbox Live division. Throughout her time in WA, Namine was known to be adept at cheering up her fellow members.
  4. Varsis of Old
    A friend of Dane and a founding member of WA, Varsis was one of the few survivors of the Ragnarok. He helped found Hope's Last Stand, and earned numerous accolades for his loyalty and his constant aid to Dane.
  5. Foton the Dependable
    Foton was the Tyr Regiment's VTOL pilot on Mech Assault 2. Constantly providing healing and weapon upgrades to his comrades, Foton was awarded his title after protecting the Tyr Regiment against all odds from ruthless bombardment in a particularly difficult match.
  6. Cammander the Black Saint
    A controversial member, Cammander was known alternately for his steadfast commitment to WA and his rebellious nature. He led numerous anti-WA rebel clans, but he also was a pivotal member of WA during its early years. It is through his recruitment efforts that House Cammander was created.
  1. Athkusi Pryde Kilroy the Raven-Seer
    Kilroy joined WA along which his Mech Assault 2 unit, Clan Jade Falcon. He founded House Kilroy, and later led numerous divisions at the forefront of WA expansion. This culminated in his leadership of Jotunheimr Productions Ltd., WA's EVE Online division. He would eventually become the second-in-command of WA.
  2. Ingivarr the Legion-Crusher
    Ingivarr rose through the ranks quickly following his recruitment during the 3rd Fleet Era. He served as an Imperial Knight, the Lord of House Dippity, and as an Imperial Commissar over the years. He earned his title after bringing down the Legion of Eminentia, a rival clan, in a covert operation engineered by Dane and the White Knights of House Dippity.
  3. Volundr the Imperial Artisan
    Volundr was a key figure in the Eye of Odin, WA's StarCraft division. After serving as its acting Captain, he later joined numerous Imperial units dedicated to enforcing order within the clan. His artistic skills were renowned, and many portraits and marks still in use today were crafted by Volundr.
  4. Puck the Vigilant
    Puck led the Teutonic Order to glory after its fall from grace, and later served as Lord of House Dippity. His leadership of both led to unprecedented prosperity, and Puck would eventually serve as Captain of the Eye of Odin. He also made a name for himself through putting down multiple rebellions.
  5. Randarr the Shield-General
    Randarr was a vital figure in the survival of WA following a period of decline during the 1st Empire Era. He was solely responsible for a time of great prosperity for the Eye of Odin. His recruitment efforts were so extensive that an entire platoon was created composed solely from his recruits, known as Randarr's Raiders.
  6. Ullr the Traitors-Bane
    A Mech Assault 2 recruit, Ullr was famous for his skill among members of the Tyr Regiment and the 1st Raven Corps. He later served as an administrator of WA. Ullr was a constant friend and ally of Dane, and he played key roles in dispatching numerous rebellions, earning the title "Traitors-Bane."
  1. Skaldi the Kin-Slayer
    Skaldi was renowned for his artistic abilities, but he gained his title after vanquishing WA's US East division, which had turned rebel. Since Skaldi himself was part of House Thief and was recruited on US East, he would forever be hailed as the "Kin-Slayer."
  2. Eohdorr the Builder
    The first Imperial Knight named by Emperor Vestborgr, Eohdorr's wise counsel and neutral perspective has proved invaluable not just to the Emperor, but to all who seek his advice. He is also well-known for his technological capabilities, helping to migrate the WA forums and web site and rebuild them. Eohdorr was one of the last remaining White Knights of House Dippity.
  3. Solljós the Hand of the Æsir
    Solljós is one of the brightest stars of a new generation of hard-working members. Although the WA he joined was already in a period of decline, he quickly began organizing events and pouring countless hours into keeping new recruits around and helping to preserve the legacy of WA. As a frequent advisor to the Emperor and a deft leader, his impact upon WA today is immense.
  4. Lord Konungrormr the Fierce
    While some heroes of WA are known for their bureaucratic achievements, Konungrormr has crafted a legacy of battle on the front lines. Part of the backbone of House Cammander for many years, Konungrormr has led a number of successful Companies and leads one of the two Chapters that have survived since the dawn of the 1st Imperium. He was also one of the last of the Vargr, the brave Knights of House Cammander.
  5. Athvalr the Valiant
    A hero from a forgotten age, Athvalr has held almost every rank in existence. His passionate support of House Kilroy and later House Cammander helped keep WA's thriving culture alive, and his jovial attitude and courage in battle have helped rally his fellow Warriors during dark times. He is perhaps most famous for his unrelenting loyalty and his perseverance as the last of the Jade Falcons, the Knights of House Kilroy.