Companies & Rough Platoons

A Company is an established unit of WA led by a Jarl. A company usually contains a strong member base, hosts events, and regularly reports progress and the status of the Company to the Emperor.  Below Jarl, the rest of the ranks within a Company in descending order are Hersir, Thegn, Huskarl, Berserker, Raider, Wrecca, and Scout. The Jarl of the Company dictates the authority and responsibility each rank carries.

A rough platoon is a band of warriors trying to recruit and strengthen WA's presence on a game in order to establish a Company there. A rough platoon is led by a Wrecca (a low-level rank held by most members of WA). Rough Platoons are created when a member of WA petitions the Emperor for license to create and lead a rough platoon on a game not currently occupied by a rough platoon or Company. If the Emperor accepts, the rough platoon is created.  Should a rough platoon garner a large number of new recruits and achieve a high level of consistent activity, the Emperor may deign to promote it to Company status.

The Companies of WA:
  • Olaf's Berserkers, WA's League of Legends Company led by Jarl Konungrormr Jormling
  • The Stone Stars, WA's World of Tanks Company led by Jarl Athvalr Hazen
  • The Isengrim, an RP-friendly FRR loyalist unit on MechWarrior Online led by Jarl Dane the Proud
  • The Frostlýth, WA's auxilliary Company for all other games led by Jarl Numenor Sindar

WA's rough platoons:
  • The Eye of Odin, WA's StarCraft rough platoon


Chapters are a new cultural aspect of the clan, a way for clan members to have fun and take part in clan traditions while, ideally, serving some greater purpose for WA. Any member can create a chapter as long as it is approved by the Emperor. In addition, any member can join a chapter of their choice provided they have the permission of that Chapter's Primarch (leader).

The Primarch creates a theme, a ranking system, and a set of rules for their Chapter. They also monitor the Chapter's members, and post montly situation reports on Chapter activity in Colossus, a special subforum dedicated to Chapters.
The Imperial Knights are the first Chapter of WA, an order of elite Warriors fiercely loyal to Emperor Vestborgr Leitling. They are inspiring and commanding figures on the battlefield.
The Ulfhednar, led by Primarch Solljos Jormling, is a Chapter dedicated to welcoming new members to WA and teaching them all there is to know about the laws, customs, and rich history of the clan.
The Praetorian Guard, led by Primarch Athvalr Hazen, are the peacekeeping and law-enforcement Chapter of WA.
The Order of Fenrir, led by Primarch Konungrormr Jormling, is dedicated to training, the cultivation of strength and skill, and the promotion of tournaments and competition.