The Warriors of Æsir

The Warriors of Æsir were founded on June 1st, 2001, by Lord Dane the Proud. Dane would lead the clan through thick and thin for more than ten years, with the occasional absence during which a number of high-ranking officials served as interim leaders. Dane served alternately as Fleet Admiral and Emperor during multiple eras and two types of organization: the fleet system and the Empire system. Ultimately, Dane would appoint Asherr Noble Sindar to succeed him as Emperor. Asherr quickly faded into inactivity, and Skollrus Ajani Rusling stepped in. A strong and lively leader, Skollrus' reign was fruitful but somewhat short-lived as well. Other obligations forced Dane to search for the Fourth Emperor of WA, a title which was granted to Vestborgr Asoto Leitling in November of 2015. Vestborgr worked to revitalize WA and declared the start of a new era, the 1st Æsir Imperium. This era continues to this day, and the task of organizing the clan and maintaining a balance between tradition and progress falls on his shoulders.

The Houses of WA

One of WA's oldest and most treasured customs is the recording of the lineage of all of its members. Using lineage charts, all members of WA can trace their lineage all the way back to Lord Dane the Proud, the founder of WA. These charts record all those members that Dane recruited firsthand, all of the members his recruits brought in, and so forth. Some of the greatest recruiters, viewed as "sons and daughters" of Dane himself, have gone on to found Houses. Houses are groups of members all descended from a common ancestor, usually one who was recruited by Dane. Houses ebb and wane over time, but currently WA has three Houses, each with their own coats of arms. Each House is further divided into Families, which are smaller sub-units within the Houses themselves.  Families are ruled over by an Earl, usually a distinguished member of that Family. Similarly, Houses themselves are ruled by Lords.  There are Three Houses in WA currently: House Cammander, House Dippity, and House Dane.