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Welcome to the Warrior's of Æsir's home page. We apologize for any ​inconvenience, but a recent host change requires us to rebuild the website and forums. Please be patient as we work to create and improve pages and bring the website up to operational capacity.

The forums have been restored, although work is still being done to improve them. You can visit them here: fellheim.space/hall/

About Us

Norse Naming

WA: The Trading Card Game

Although not required, members are encouraged to take on a Norse identity when they join. We currently have a collection of Norse vocabulary, making the creation of a new Norse name very simple. Unless specifically allowed, members are not allowed to name themselves after Norse gods or heroes (such as Thor or Beowulf).
We are the Warriors of Æsir, the Einherjar of Odin, the chosen warriors who stand beside the forces of light as fate itself turns against the world. We have endured the Ragnarok. We have survived a thousand victories and a thousand defeats. Even the ever-cold drifts of time could not pull us away from our duty, our destiny. Every test, every trial, and every tribulation we endure we have overcome. We began our journey on StarCraft Battle.net, but we have since expanded far beyond that first horizon. From Halo, to Mech Assault 2, to Freelancer, to Chrome Hounds, to World of Warcraft, and to Eve we've ventured, taking the spear of the Æsir to far-flung battlefields and the hope of the Vanir to our friends. From the day our noble clan was founded on June 1st, 2001, we've told our story and paved our future with integrity.
The official card game of the Warriors of Æsir, WA: The Trading Card Game uses the extensive collection of lore, history, songs, and stories that surround the clan to help the world of Æsiraa come to life in this action-packed trading card game. Offering an innovative combat system, the game is easy to learn and a blast to play.